Healthy Living Business Site

GatsbyJS site using Drupal CMS (on AWS EC2 server), Youtube API, and Auth0 to manage and deliver subscribed content. Deployed on Netlify and uses Build Hooks.

Dungeons & Dragons GraphQL API

Converted DND5e API (RESTful) to a GraphQL. Pythons scipts create SQLite database from MongoDB instance, to support GraphQL schema.

Brew Numbers API

Brew Numbers API provides users with data conversions associated with their brewing projects

Green Spork

Prototype for local business to build and send email orders using Gatsby, React, Netlify Functions, and MailGun.JS

North Georgia Security Consultants

Pamphlet page for local business using Gatsby

Jerome Says API

ExpressJS API to poke fun at a friend


Designed to convert a directory of images to MP3 files by way of Tesseract OCR and the Google Text to Speech API.

Sun Moon Data

CLI tool to download Sun/Moon data from the United States Naval Observatory webages for a given date range and city, and exports as a csv.